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Pure artwork without title logo.


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The Art of Thomas Yeates


Prince Valiant in Dreamland in 3 consecutive Sunday-Pages.

Val Collection 2019-2020

The new Prince Valiant Hardcover collection in German is available.


Detailed view on Thomas Yeates' delicate pen linework.

New Art

Colored samples of Sunday page art from 2019


Deluxe Manuscript Edition of "A Princess Of Mars" with an art plate by Thomas Yeates.

Val Collection 2017-2018

The new Prince Valiant Hardcover collection in German is available.

Prince Valiant Collection 2015/2016

The new issue of Bocola's German Val collection contains the pure art pages without title logo. With an exclusive intro by Mark Schultz and bonus art.

Sunday Page Online

Read Prince Valiant online, discuss with other fans and get exclusive insights on

Prince Valiant German Hardcover collection

Years 2013 and 2014 now available in this fine oversized German Prince Valiant Edition.

The Once and Future Tarzan II

The sequel to Thomas Yeates' "Once and Future Tarzan", by Yeates, Al Gordon and Bo Hampton. Order your print or digital copy at

The Werewolf Of Washington

In "Creatures Features" a has-been rock star hosts horror films in his haunted mansion. Guest: comic artist Tom Yeates on the movie "The Werewolf of Washington".

Swamp Thing

Fan and comic art collector Bill Leach met Thomas Yeates to sign several Swamp Thing pages in his collection.

Prince Valiant #4262

This Sunday page gained a lot of attention. Compare the original black'n white art to the printed colored version.

Assisting Gary Gianni

"Gary Gianni contacted me for a little help when he was behind for a few weeks. I did not think at that point that King Features would ask me to take over the strip the following summer." Thomas drew panels on Sundays #3857-3859 and #3861. Panels shown are scanned from the German edition.

Prince Valiant Art Gallery

Pure black'n white Val art by Thomas Yeates. Showcasing several Sundays from May and June 2018. Click on preview above to zoom.

Mike Royer pencils & Thomas Yeates inks

Exclusive collaboration of Tarzan comic-book legends Mike Royer and Thomas Yeates on a Tarzan pinup.

New Sketchbook: Twixt Two Worlds #3

Limited and signed sketchbook by Thomas Yeates. Order your copy now for only $20 at

Groo meets Tarzan

Sergio Aragones and Stan Sakai announced a new project with Thomas at ComicCon 2018. Click pic for preview page.

Prince Valiant German Hardcover collection

The first year of Thomas Yeates' run on Prince Valiant now available in an oversized fine German Hardcover collection.

Prince Valiant Spanish Hardcover collection

The complete Sunday pages of 2017 now available in the new issue of this fine Spanish Hardcover collection.

Prince Valiant
Limited Edition Print

Limited Edition of 89 high quality prints. Black and White Artwork in original size. Published in Germany in 2017.
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About Thomas Yeates

Award-winning comic book illustrator Thomas Yeates was among the first graduates of the prestigious Joe Kubert School in 1978. He has worked for almost every major publisher, but his favorite subjects are the great adventure characters like Tarzan, Zorro and Prince Valiant.

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